The hunt is ON!

If the hunt is in you, there is no escaping the urge to get up and get out on most Saturday mornings. Sure, it is nice to sit and relax with that morning cup of coffee or the issue of TV Guide that you know has an article in it you have to read, although […]


   “Man is by nature a social animal.” – Aristotle Most of us crave companionship at home, but what about companionship at work? Since I was old enough to work, I have believed that a key to my personal happiness  in life would be to work for myself in some form or fashion. Like most, I worked my […]

A Foundational Entry…

The name is Cotter, Mike Cotter.  Forty something bookseller with over a dozen years working for other folks in the rare book world.  Nearly all who know me can attest to my fascination with film, especially films that I “experienced” when the world wasn’t quite so complicated and you only had two options at Taco […]

We are our own worst enemy!

THE CURSE OF THE NET FOR THE SHOWGOER As a bookman, trying to make it on my own, time is very precious as you might imagine. Unfortunately, as with many other bookmen in the world, I am drawn to write, a distraction that most certainly doesn’t pay the bills. At this point, I would be […]