A Private Book Signing with Brian Muir – The Vader Sculptor!

Having decided to meet at Starbuck’s, I was fashionably late of course.  Brian was already stationed at the large group table that meets you as you first walk in and Lindsay, his wife, was ordering coffee.  I knew they were my kind of people immediately!  Lindsay came running over to me, a perfect stranger, to find out what I wanted.  Coffee?  Danish?  I said coffee, but remember thinking that the only thing I truly wanted was a Bavarian cream donut from Dunkin.  As you may know, I am a Dunkin man.  Have been for years.  I have even been a Dunkin Donuts Customer of the Year (Pleasant View, TN) with my picture on the wall and everything.  Unfortunately for Dunkin, the seating and general atmosphere at a Starbuck’s is much more inviting when you are trying to find a place to escape from work, but still really need to work.

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Having handed over my coffee order to the wife of the man who sculpted Darth Vader, it was now time to unload my supplies and actually meet the man who sculpted Darth Vader.  Brian, who was already seated and looking quite comfortable really, “pulled” on his coffee and held out his hand.  Brian Muir he said with a bit of a rasp.  I held out my hand in return, mumbled my name, and nervously sat down next to a man who I knew very little about a year ago, but had since learned was a genuine creationary force in nearly every movie that inspired me in my youth.  Young Sherlock Holmes, Willow, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Krull, Clash of the Titans, The Princess Bride and so on.  I now sat right next to the man who literally sculpted the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders.  What do you say?  How do you start?  I must admit that it was easy…  You would be surprised how much you can find in common with just about anybody if you really make the effort.  We talked Star Wars, we talked Florida, we talked comic-cons, kids, food, travel, and about ways we might be able to work together in the future.

Those next few hours with Brian and Lindsay were incredible.  We peeked and poked around St. Augustine, I got to show them the inside of the Flagler Cafeteria, where all the Tiffany stained glass is.  We ate a great lunch at The Columbia on St. George Street.

I couldn’t help but think as we wandered around town, what would people say if they knew they just walked past the man who sculpted the Cliffs on Insanity in The Princess Bride???

cliffs of insanity

What would all the kids in that cafeteria at Flagler have said if they had known that Brian Muir, now standing with and amongst them, was the man who took the concept drawings from Ralph McQuarrie and created the iconic villain known as Darth Vader???

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Full Description of ‘In the Shadow of Vader’ by Brian Muir

 This is life…  As rang true in Coming to America, I guess you really never know who you might meet in a crowd or in a bathroom.

I suppose my wife is right…  I am a bit of a fanboy…  I am great at building relationships, but have a slow curve when it comes to building a business.  Seems to me that we should all be striving to build relationships.  I want to know the customers, the creators, the fans, the fellow geeks, the artists…  These are my people and whichever side of collecting you are on, the collector or the collected, WE HAVE A KINSHIP THAT STRIKES FROM THE COMMON BOND OF CREATIVITY.

Thanks to Brian and Lindsay Muir –

Until next time,

Mike Cotter

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