It is no secret that I am a longtime proponent of blogging. It took me quite a while to get over my inexplicable aversion to using Facebook. It took other booksellers, who essentially felt sorry for me, to explain the powers on Instagram. I am an advertiser of sorts I suppose, but I would like […]


As with others in my business, I get lonely during the working hours of each day… Working online is not really all it’s cracked up to be.  If you have a day-job, you dream of quitting it all and heading off to work for yourself.  I know, I have had the same thoughts countless times.  […]

So it goes… Death and Collectible Value…

Mortality… This week, we lost folks from this earth. It is the same old story, over and over. We live, we love, we leave. Those left behind are left behind grieving and empty. While death is simply a part of life, “the debt that we all must pay” according to National Treasure (paraphrased from Ecclesiastes), […]

What’s left of the “COOL” on Facebook???

What’s left of the “cool” on Facebook???  In a previous life, I sat through meeting after meeting where we talked about DISRUPTION and MARKET SATURATION.  We dreamed of getting “people under our umbrella” so that we could saturate their Inbox with disrupting offers and information!  We dreamed of changing the world!  These meetings, while tumultuous […]

Issues with APPRAISALS…

As a full-time bookman and mostly self-employed guy over the last fifteen years or so, it only makes sense that I wanted to expand my base of knowledge into something that wasn’t straight retail.  As a general rule, full-time dealers in nearly every facet of the collectibles industry have been doing appraisals for customers and […]