As an Elmore Leonard fan, it is a forgone conclusion that I LOVE ‘Get Shorty’ and his other work that has reached commercial success in film etc…  What I love about Leonard, beyond character development that is spot-on, is the fact that he shape-shifted himself in his career to move with the times. Many writers, good writers like Grisham and Crichton, struggle (or struggled in the case of Crichton) to break the barrier of the genre fiction they became known for.

Just as Adam West could never quite leave Batman behind, I’m afraid that the truly great books from John Grisham are and always will be in a courtroom.

Elmore Leonard, on the other hand, was a top-notch western author in the 1950’s who somehow ended up writing about cheeky gangs and Hollywood glitz in his later years. Probably safe to see that he reached the pinnacle of the genre in both fields, albeit separated by over a quarter of a century.  If you haven’t paid attention, many authors like Lawrence Block and Elmore Leonard not only have websites, but website that aid in the collecting of their respective works.  Both of these guys even have distinct areas on their sites for the different formats and genres of the body of work they produced.  What a great time to be a collector of Lawrence Block BTW…  Have a question – simply email and LB and/or someone connected to LB will get back to you with an answer. It’s like asking SIRI a question about and old Kevin Costner movie and getting a call back from Costner himself…

Back to Leonard…  I recently picked up a collection of old Western pulps and trade paperbacks and discovered a few new stories by Elmore.

Thought I would share the link to his site and a few photos of works printed in Zane Grey’s Western Magazine.  Very cool stuff IMO. 

This is the complete list of Leonard stories in Zane Grey’s Western Magazine in the 1950’s:

“The Colonel’s Lady.” Zane Grey’s Western Magazine, November, 1952.

“Cavalry Boots.” Zane Grey’s Western Magazine, December 1952.

“The Rustlers.” Zane Grey’s Western Magazine, February 1953.

“Long Night.” Zane Grey’s Western Magazine, May, 1953.

“The Hard Way.” Zane Grey’s Western Magazine, August, 1953.

These stories listed on Elmore Leonard’s site:


Classic Mid-Century Erotica on Lawrence Block’s site:


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