Since my separation from the great state of Tennessee, a lot has happened.  I started a new business that essentially relies on all of the selling techniques that never really worked that great in the past.  I got a year older and started feeling bones creak that I did not know even existed.  I moved to a house that requires me to drive thirty minutes to anywhere.  Keep in mind that this means that I am away for an hour (roundtrip) every time I need to visit the Post Office or pick-up an egg roll.  I had a new baby, which means that the fleeting light at the end of the sleep deprivation, stress-eating, choking hazard freak out session time in my life has closed up for another eighteen years.  My oldest daughter turned sixteen, is driving and has a new job.  I have no business partners, employees or help of any kind.

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Crazy, but the simple loss of daily conversation is enough to make a sane man want to crawl through that tunnel of shit like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank.

Through all of this, I know that my “path” is the correct one.

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How do I know you ask???  Because it is the one I am on!!!  It is that simple folks.  You must believe that you are on the right path in order to truly make it the right path.  Somewhat akin to “fake it until you make it”, knowing you are doing what you were meant to do is everything.  I was meant to be a father.  I was meant to LIVE IN FLORIDA.  I was born to become a Disney Annual Pass Holder and lend my hand at furthering the bonds of the Disneyfication movement in America.  I was meant to have daily access to a sandy piece of ground that lies adjacent to the crashing waves of the Atlantic.  If Crescent Beach was good enough for Harry Crews, it is good enough for me!  I was born to sell books, paper and Star Wars goodies of all kinds.  Because I know all this, I can get up and do it all over again each day.  Because I know that my PATH to being a “dealer” and a middle-aged average Joe in the middle of nowhere was the correct one, I can rest easy with the inner peace that only true fulfillment can bring – even if my bones are weary.

Mike Cotter

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