The Collectible Side of READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline!

The book sold to Crown Publishing in 2010 after a bidding war for the rights to print. The movie rights were sold in a bidding war to Warner Bros. even before the book was published.  At least two signed, limited edition versions have been issued and Steven Spielberg directed the film adaptation that is set for release on March 30, 2018.  Did I miss anything there???

With all of the hoopla, the likes of which we saw for books like “The Firm” by Grisham and “The DaVinci Code” by Brown, the film version is sure to disappoint (a little at least). This is sort-of expected I think… I’m sure it will be an entertaining movie and Spielberg is not known for directing, let alone “producing” crap. That said, I just don’t see how it can touch the real thing. The pop culture bonanza, the cereals, the songs, the classic 80’s movies (watch out for collectible War Games items BTW)… How can we expect that any of this magic will actually make its way to the finished version of the film? Like the rest, we wait it out, read the book again and go see the film. With any luck, we’ll actually want to see it again.

Putting the film stuff aside, let’s get down the collectible print versions of the actual novel by Ernest Cline!

  • The original Advance Reader’s Edition (Jacket design by Jacket Photography) [New York: Crown Publishers, 2011 – 374 PP] NOTE: The letter of introduction by Molly Stern is the first page of the text. This was moved to after the title-page in the second version of the ARC.

  • The UPDATED original Advance Reader’s Edition (Jacket design by Jacket Photography, although totally different than the original issue.) [New York: Crown Publishers, 2011 – 374 PP]

  • The First Edition, First Printing (Jacket design by Christopher Brand) [New York: Crown Publisher, 2011 – 374 PP.] NOTE: Stated “First Edition” with the full and complete numberline to the “1” on the copyright page. Original price of $24.00 on front flap of DJ.]


  • The LEATHER Limited Edition from The Easton Press. Signed by Cline on the limitation page. [Norwalk, CT: The Easton Press, 2016]

  • The Signed /Numbered Edition. 750 numbered copies and 26 lettered copies produced. [Burton, MI: The Subterranean Press, 2016 – 392 PP.] NOTE: The lettered editions were issued with a clamshell box. Both of these versions contain an introduction by Patrick Rothfuss and a story by Andy Weir. The Dust Jacket design by Desert Isle Design.


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