The hunt is ON!

If the hunt is in you, there is no escaping the urge to get up and get out on most Saturday mornings. Sure, it is nice to sit and relax with that morning cup of coffee or the issue of TV Guide that you know has an article in it you have to read, although can’t remember the last time you said you were interested in a TV Guide out loud. It is nice to sit. It is nice to relax. After a long week of work, kids, dogs, mowing, trash detail and cooking it sure would be nice to just shut-off the brain for a bit and recharge. IMPOSSIBLE, IT IS! If the hunt is in you, you’re too busy worrying about the minutes you are wasting to actually get down to the good sweet stuff at the bottom of the cup.

Is the hunt really where you are most relaxed?

Is the hunt the place where you recharge?

flea market photo 2 File Dec 07, 9 45 09 AM

This is a difficult desire to share or express with those in your life who don’t collect “stuff”. For those of us who are silly enough to try to make a living selling the “stuff” we collect, it is doubly hard to explain. We have to rationalize our irrational behavior in order to simply explain our daily work list. The sacrifice is worth it as all of us collectors know! We can’t explain why or how, but finding and buying brings a satisfaction beyond compare for that fleeting moment. Like the heroin to the junkie, we are always in search of the next high. That high is usually abated with a simple trip to a flea market or antique mall. If you’re in a pinch, a yard sale or estate sale might do… Don’t even get me started about auctions! I can’t sleep for days. It is like the ten year old getting ready (mentally and physically) for the Disney trip they know is coming next weekend.

For all those collectors like myself out there, keep doing what you do! You only get one spin of the wheel here on this Earth! If buying and collecting vintage butter knives gives you a kick, I SAY GO FOR IT! What the hell, add a few more pieces to the pile that your kids will sell off to “Joe the Dealer” when you kick the bucket.

Mike Cotter

“The Transforming World of Collectible”

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