The Insider Track of the Hobby Business…

I have often said that collecting is something that you are born with. You either have the switch in the “ON” position or the “OFF” position when you enter this world of light of chaos. For those of us lucky enough to be born in the “ON” position, we have a life of diversion, exploration, indecision and confusion ahead of us. While these adjectives might not seem enviable, after forty plus years I can tell you that they are.  My “square” (normal) friends, of which I have only a few, are missing out on the excitement and wonder that I feel every time I turn on a computer, walk into an antique mall, stroll through a flea market or spot something special at a book fair. They get turned on by food and drink, get-togethers with other hob-knobbers and the usual entertainment fare of the human world, but they are missing something in LIFE that I know can exist! The things that I get the most passionate about in life are little more than an “uggh” or a “humph” to them.

Albeit depressing, they will probably die with more money and shoes than I will. An upside I suppose…

With all this said, one of the things I have come to really appreciate about my insider world of nerdy passions is the camaraderie among little sections of the collectible world. It generally takes years and years to build a stable of like-minded collector friends. It takes even longer to build a stable of like-collector friends who want to buy things. And, the end of the rainbow is when you find these friends and they introduce you to other, more powerful and influential friends.

“He’s a friend of ours” says Lefty Ruggiero…

I look around and see others who are “in the know” and wonder how the hell they do it. How did he get so close to Sonny Black??? The answer is found within! Do your thing and do it well. Keep plugging along and respect will come to those who do their job and believe in what they are selling. With respect, comes friendship, counsel and business opportunity.

Mike Cotter
The Transforming World of Collectible

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