Trade Show = RETRO Facebook “Like”…

You know that feeling you get when you are so bored, just sitting around – maybe even with other people.  The light flickers and you think, “post something to Facebook and see what happens.”  We are all Facebook fiends when there is nothing else to do.  We count the “likes” and we cherish each and every one.  For the fleeting moment, we are interacting, entertained and know deep down that while our 15 minutes is still to come, we are famous right now.  We are “liked” by someone out there.  We are being watched and WE CRAVE MORE.

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This past weekend at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in St. Pete, I finally realized that the same feelings of pride, self-importance and busyness ring true when we are sharing our collections with the world.  As a dealer of rare anything, we have stock of course.  The stock is usually something we like;  something we were attracted to.  The stock is usually part of a larger collection that just happens to be for sale, or will be down the road.  Having folks step in our booth and go “OH” and “AH” is the retro way of being “liked” or “winked at”.  Trade shows, conventions, cons, fairs….  all like posting to Facebook except you might actually make money at the former.

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This past weekend would have been a record “like” trip for me I think.  If we count up all of my fellow 80’s nerds, Star Wars nuts and pulp novel enthusiasts who stopped by the booth and said “cool”.  If we count up all the dads who looked at my Nintendo posters and yelled to their son, “That came with my Nintendo too.”  If we count up all the sales and the conversations that went something like, “wow, I can’t believe I’m old enough to be collecting my 1980’s childhood” I THINK I HAD HUNDREDS OF “LIKES” COME MY WAY.

I got more “likes” than I ever get on Facebook…



I am with you.


My name is Mike Cotter and I collect Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler and Batman Cereal boxes. 

Mike Cotter

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